trigger a FP7 EU collaborative project, periodontal pathogens as etiologic factor in RA, CVD and COPD and their impact on treatment strategies.
Karolinska Institutet

Karolinska Institutet
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Karolinska Institutet, Sweden (KI)

Research at the Rheumatology Unit, KI, combines clinical-, laboratory- and epidemiology research into translational research. The main goal for the unit is to understand the aetiology and molecular pathogenesis of inflammatory rheumatic diseases, in particular RA, and to use such knowledge to develop and implement new prevention and new therapies for rheumatic diseases. The Rheumatology clinic treats approximately 70,000 outpatient visits per year. Extensive clinical research with detailed surveillance of patients, and active clinical trial programs are key features of the clinic. The surveillance registers have been named the best longitudinal surveillance registers in Sweden (all categories) by several evaluations. The research laboratory, currently with approximately 10 different research groups, has a strong infrastructure, with common equipment for cell and molecular immunology, genetics and proteomics, biobanks and animal facilities, and a close collaboration with the Epidemiology Unit. Altogether, rheumatology at KI represents one of the most active research units in Europe and internationally. In 2005, the unit was appointed one of the 6 first Centers of Excellence in Rheumatology, in Europe.

Team Members:

K. Lundberg, PhD - PI

T. Yucel- Lindberg, PhD

Johan Askling, MD, PhD

Anca Catrina, MD, PhD

Kaja Eriksson, M.Sc