trigger a FP7 EU collaborative project, periodontal pathogens as etiologic factor in RA, CVD and COPD and their impact on treatment strategies.

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Fraunhofer Institute of Cell Therapy and Immunology (Fraunhofer)

The Fraunhofer Institute of Cell Therapy and Immunology (Fraunhofer) is located in the Univesity Campus area close to different Institutes of the University of Leipzig, The Institute investigates and develops solutions to specific problems at the interfaces of medicine, life sciences and engineering. The Institute develops, optimizes and validates methods and products for the Business Units Drugs, Cell Therapy, Diagnostics and Biobanks. Its competencies include biomarkers, antibodies / ligands, stem cell technology and imaging as well as therapeutic and diagnostic model systems (in vitro / in vivo). Another emphasis is on quality management according to GLP and GMP and on our several years of experience in the operation of clean room facilities. To our clients and partners from the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical technology industry, diagnostic laboratories, clinical units and research facilities we offer complete solutions ranging from market studies right down to the development of a market-ready product and its marketing authorization. At present, Fraunhofer leverages its expertise with novel targets, such as Glutaminyl Cyclase (QC) and Kinases, to develop drugs for the treatment of widespread diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and chronic inflammation.

Team Members:

Hans-Ulrich Demuth, Prof.

Daniel Ramsbeck, PhD

The TRIGGER consortium consists of 7 universities (UiB, UJ, AU, BHAM, UiO, HUMC, UB), 3 research centres (KI, CSIC, Fraunhofer) from a strong clinical and research environment, and SME (AX). All together we represent 7 EU countries and 2 associated Member States (Norway, Israel).