trigger a FP7 EU collaborative project, periodontal pathogens as etiologic factor in RA, CVD and COPD and their impact on treatment strategies.
C.S.I.C, IBMB Barcelona (CSIC)

Molecular Biology Institute of Barcelona
Barcelona Science Park c/ Baldiri Reixac 4-8 Torre R, 3era Planta 08028 Barcelona, Spain ‎ +34 934 034 668


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Molecular Biology Institute of Barcelona, Spanish Research Council (CSIC)

The Molecular Biology Institute of Barcelona (IBMB) belongs to the Spanish Research Council C.S.I.C and is physically located in the Barcelona Science Park in Barcelona city. Drs. Gomis-Rüth and Maria Solà hold permanent group-leader research position at Research Professor and Assistant Professor levels, respectively, and they participate as PIs of the Proteolysis Lab and the Structural MitoLab in the Department of Structural Biology of the IBMB. Taken together, the two research teams have published over 130 papers on structural analyses of proteins and DNA. The main themes of research include the analysis by X-ray crystallography of proteases and DNA-binding proteins, besides other proteins. The Proteolysis Lab and the Structural MitoLab have state-of- the-art computing equipment and participate in a joint High-throughput Crystallography Platform, which is equipped with crystallization robots for nanocrystallography and diffraction data collection. The groups have regular access to the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble (France) within a Block Allocation Group and to ALBA Synchrotron in Bellaterra (Spain).

Team Members:

Proteolysis Lab

F. Xavier Gomis-Rüth, Prof.

Irene Garcia Ferrer, M.Sc

Joan Lopez Arolas, PhD

Mar Lopez Pelegrin, M.Sc

Nuria Cerda Costa, PhD

Soraya Hernandez Gonzalez, Lab Technician

Theodoros Goulas, PhD

Iñaki de Diego Martinez, PhD

Pedro Arêde, PhD

Tibisay Guevara Puig, Lab Technician

Structural MitoLab

Drs. Maria Solà, Prof.

Anna Cuppari, M.Sc.

Cristina Silva, Lab Technician

Pablo Fernández Millán, M.Sc.

Arka Chakraborti, M.Sc.

Sebastien Lyonnais, PhD

Reici Brito, PhD